Dokumentarni teatar Pozorište o Kotoru A community theatre documentary play entitled KoTo(R) o Kotoru, jointly produced, with the assistance of the theatre director Petar Pejaković, and acted by the citizens of Kotor, will be premiered in Kotor, in the Cultural Centre Nikola Đurković, on Monday, 20 June 2016, beginning at 8 p.m.  Admission is free.
The play resulted from an eight-month-long process of work entailed Theatre Play about Kotor, which consisted of more than 50 workshops (from October 2016 until June 2016) and included around 60 citizens of Kotor. Focused on distinctiveness and problems of the town of Kotor and based on the stories of citizens which reflect their attitude towards the town, the documentary play KoTo(R) o Kotoru promotes an idea of theatre as a means for research and creative expression of each individual or a group for the purpose of personal development and social engagement.
Community theatre “Theatre Play about Kotor”

DIRECTOR: Petar Pejaković
Authors and participants: Citizens of Kotor

  • Marjan Šantić 
  • Radmila Beća Radulović
  • Slavica Lompar
  • Jelena Vukasović
  • Maja Mrđenović
  • Ilko Marović
  • Dragana Kunarac
  • Jelena Franović
  • Tatjana Rajić
  • Aleksandra Kapetanović
  • Maruška Drašković
  • Zorana Milošević
  • Mitar Mića Jovanović
  • Antonio Grgurović
  • Mirjana Popović
  • Aleksandra Dejanović
  • Žarko Nikolić
  • Mirjana Petrović

In collaboration with artists:

  • Miodrag Vargić
  • Dušan Murić

You are welcome!

The project was initiated by NGO Expeditio, in cooperation with the theatre director Petar Pejaković, and support form the Cultural Centre "Nikola Đurković" in Kotor, and realized within the projects European Artizen Initiative (funded through Creative Europe EU programme), and ACT4CITY (funded by the Balkan Arts and Culture Fund - BAC).


ACT4CITY is funded by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund BAC. BAC is supported by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Cultural Foundation (EFC).

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