SEE heritage network meeting in CetinjeSEE Heritage network secretariat is very pleased to announce the next meeting of network members in Cetinje, Montenegro, between the 3rd and the 5th of July 2015. The meeting will focus on strategic planning of SEE Heritage network for the next 5-year-period. We hope to jointly develop a framework for SEE Heritage network in order to act more efficiently and serve the needs of its members.

Kamp plan 1
EXPEDITIO has filed a Request for information on March 18th 2015 from institution Directorate for protection of Cultural Property requested a copy of:
- Conservation conditions from the Directorate for  Protection of Cultural Property in a tourist resort at the site Auto-camp in Dobrota, UP 1080,
- Approval of the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Property for the project for a tourist resort on the location of Auto-camp in Dobrota, UP 1080.
Since reffering this request in accordance with the provisions of Article 31, paragraph 1 of ZOSPI-a, has not been passed and submitted Resolution within the prescribed deadline, on April 9th 2015, we sent to the Agency for Protection of Personal Data APPEAL for "violation of the rules of procedure."

Muzej žena Crne GoreAt the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje, on Friday May 29th 2015, will be organized conference entitled "Women and heritage - towards establishment of the Museum of Women of Montenegro". On that occasion, Expeditio representative will present project "History That No More Exists". "History That No More Exists" is an artistic project realized within the project ECLECTIS. It aroused from the study entitled "Women Map of Boka Kotorska", which was implemented by the NGO Anima from June to December 2013. The original idea was to through exploration of layers make women's history of Boka recognizable, and then, creatively, present those researches to the public through artistic intervention in public space.


kreat ind okrugli stoRound table "Creative Industries and Sustainability" was held on Friday, 08.05.2015., in the Rector's Office of the University of Montenegro. Organizers of the event were Green Culture Network and the British Council in collaboration with the partners of the Rector's Office of the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Architecture UM and Expeditio.

katun expEXPEDITIO representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, is a consultant on the scientific - research project: "Valorization of Montenegrin pasture settlements through the sustainable development of agriculture and tourism - KATUN", funded by the Ministry of Science within the grant project of the World Bank "Higher Education and Research for Competitiveness - INGO ".

CC-Creative Enterprise WorkshopRound table "Creative industries and sustainability" will be held on Friday, May 8th 2015 in the Rector's Office of the University of Montenegro (the Senate hall) in Podgorica. This meeting will address the issues of sustainable development of the creative industries sector, its role in the economy and new educational mission in a change in attitudes, opinions and behavior of people. Examples from the UK will serve as a role model in how creative industries can integrate green approach and actively be involved in the creation of system solutions.

Katun, foto: ExpeditioMinistry of Science of Montenegro will finance the scientific - research project "Valorization of Montenegrin pasture settlements through the sustainable development of agriculture and tourism - KATUN" under the grant project of the World Bank "Higher education and research for competitiveness - INGOs". Katun project was launched aiming at knowledge-based sustainable development of agriculture and agro-tourism in Montenegro pasture settlements, while preserving the cultural heritage of rural areas.

20120815003632AdministrativnaCGMeeting of the Working Group for the preparation of the Manual for terms of reference for local planning document development, organized by the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro and with the support of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro, was held on April 20-21st, 2015 in Budva. This meeting was attended by EXPEDITIO representative, Biljana Gligoric, who is member of this Working Group.

ikona 350 350NGO EXPEDITIO received from the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Property notice of acceptance of the Initiative for the establishment of protection of administration building "Jugooceanija" in Kotor. EXPEDITIO filed Statement regarding administrative building "Jugooceanija" in Kotor treatment and Iniative for the establishment of protection in November last year. Notification that we received you can find here.

web vijestiOn Friday April 3rd, 2015 in the "Vijesti" was published an article that explains the issue of building permit for the construction at the Auto-camp in Dobrota. On March 19th 2015 a group of experts, concerned about the planned intervention, submitted Inicijativu za zaštitu kompleksa Auto-kampa u Dobroti - Initiative for the protection of the complex Auto-camp in Dobrota. "Vijesti" published an article about the circumstances related to the plans for that location - you can read it below or download a scanned version in pdf.

foto: Radio KotorHere you can listen the radio show "Eco corner" that is entirely dedicated to the workshop that discussed the impact of the planned traffic development on the universal values of the Bay of Kotor, which was included on the list of world natural and cultural heritage. The workshop was attended by representatives of Expeditio. The show was prepared by Sasa karajovic.

Vijesti autokamp 2015 1

On Sunday March 29th 2015 in the "Vijesti" was published an article that explains the context in relation to the announcement of the construction at the Auto-camp in Dobrota. On March 19th 2015 a group of experts, is concern about the planned intervention, submitted Inicijativu za zaštitu kompleksa Auto-kampa u Dobroti - Initiative for the protection of the complex Auto-camp in Dobrota. "Vijesti" published an article about the circumstances related to the plans for that location - you can read it below or download a scanned version in pdf.

radionica adri govThe workshop entitled "Women and youth - unused potential in the Montenegrin economy and IPA countries" was held on 25/03/2015 in the Church of St. Paul in Kotor. The workshop was organized within the project "Operational management plan Adriatic - AdriGov" implemented by the Municipality of Kotor in cooperation with the Directorate for Development of Small and medium Enterprises, Business Start Up center in Bar and the Employment Agency of Montenegro. the participation in the workshop also had a representative of EXPEDITIO.

Kamp 1838In accordance with the Request for free access to information which EXPEDITIO sent to the Ministry of Sustainable Development on 18/03/2015, and which referred to information on plans for a tourist resort on the location of Auto-camp in Dobrota, response of the above Ministry arrived on 03/26/2015.

mans logoOn March 19th 2015 in Podgorica, was organized the training within the project "Zero tolerance on corruption" organized by Network for affirmation of civil sector (MANS), which was attended by Expeditio representative. The training was supported by the European Union, through the EU Delegation in Montenegro. The aim was to NGO representatives and journalists get familiar with the techniques and tools that MANS uses for collecting and data research that can indicate corruption or violation of the law.

Kamp sajtA group of experts from various fields from the area of Kotor Bay has filed an Initiative to protect the complex Car-camp in Dobrota, due to concerns about the planned interventions that threaten to destroy this complex, which is a typical example of architecture of the XX century and threaten the value of the region of Kotor, which is located on the World Heritage Site List.

Earth HourAction "Earth Hour" is organized this year around the world. On Saturday March 28th 2015, starting at 20.30h, citizens of our planet who want to contribute to environmental protection, will turn off the lights for 60 minutes. Expeditio also supports this action. We invite all citizens, institutions, enterprises and all interested parties to join the initiative, and thus contribute to the preservation of our planet.

ne busenju jadranaNGO Green Home on Tuesday March 10th, has organized a protest in Budva, against the announced oil and gas exploration in the Adriatic Sea. The reason for the protest was the maintenance of the Adriatic Summit on Oil and Gas, which was held at the same day in Budva, and was aimed to examine the current opportunities and challenges in the field of exploitation of oil and gas in the Adriatic region.

Photo credits: Amer KapetanovicIn Sarajevo, on February 24th 2015, there was a presentation of the Balkans Arts and Culture Fund. On that occasion were presented 7 projects that were selected to be funded from this fund. Among the selected projects is the "ACT4CITY - Independent cultural actors towards sustainable Balkan cities" that will jointly realize: Expeditio, Kotor, MNE; Ministry of space, Belgrade, RS; Creative City Network - CCN, Skopje, MK; Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik, CRO. Presentation in Sarajevo was attended by the representative of Expeditio.

rodna ravnopravnostFor the purpose of conducting activities in the field of gender equality, Municipality of Kotor adopted a Resolution on education and the appointment of the president and members of the Council for the implementation of the Local Action Plan for achieving gender equality between men and women. EXPEDITIO representative, Tatjana Rajic, is one of the appointed members of the Council for LAPRR.

logo3Workshop on "Practical application of Zero Waste standards in the organization of events and festivals" was held on 27.02.2015., in the Multimedia Room of the Municipality of Tivat. The workshop was organized within the project "Zero Waste - Adriatic network of events and festivals", which is implemented in Montenegro by the Municipality of Tivat. In addition to representatives of public institutions, NGOs and the media, their participation at the workshop had representatives of EXPEDITIO.

enef 250215 2EXPEDITIO representative, Biljana Gligoric, participated as a lecturer at the conference of the Committee for Energy Efficiency, held on February 25th, 2015 in Podgorica. Committee for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection of Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce was presented the funding opportunities for SMEs in Horizon 2020 program, as well as the project "Management of industrial waste and cleaning".

europanostraExpeditio representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, is a jury mamber in the category 3 Dedicated service for the awards EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. Jury meeting was held in early February in The Hague (Netherlands). Information about the awards for this year will be soon published.

tribina radon febr 15Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Agency for Environmental Protection and the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts in cooperation with the Municipality of Kotor organized a panel discussion: "Mapping of radon in Montenegro and improvement of the National System of Protection Against Radon" which was held in the palace Byzantines in the Old Town Kotor on 20.02.2015. In addition to representatives of local government, teachers, high school students and representatives of the media, the event was also attended by representatives of EXPEDITIO.

naslovna portfolioHere you can view an illustrated online summary review of Expeditio projects in pdf format. This brochure represents different activities carried out by Expeditio from 1997 until today. There are basic information about every project - aims, partners, activities, results, donors and budget, as well as illustrations of the key activities of the project. If you need more information about a particular project, see it in detail on website or write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


youtube seecultVideo interview with Tatjana Rajic, one of the founders of the organization Expeditio in Kotor, which is since 1997 working on encouraging sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activities in the field of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of civil society.

javna debataState Secretary for European Integration and chief negotiator, Ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic with associates, spoke in the debate on "Opportunities to Participate in Cross-border and Transnational Cooperation Programmes", during his working visit to Kotor in St. Paul church. EXPEDITIO representative, Biljana Gligoric, participated in this public debate that was held on 02/06/2015.

unnamedDemocratic Leadership School held a workshop for representatives of non-governmental sector in order to strengthen their role in the field of energy efficiency and parliamentary processes. Within the workshop, which was held at the Civil Alliance on January 30th, 2015, representative of EXPEDITIO Biljana Gligoric held a lecture.

bizPrestavnica EXPEDITIO, Biljana Gligorić, učestvovala je na obuci "Započnite konsultantski biznis", održanoj u Kongres centru hotela Best Western Premier u Podgorici, 16. i 17. decembra 2014. Obuka je organizovana od strane Evropske banke za obnovu i razvoj (EBRD) i jedna je u seriji treninga fokusiranih na rast i razvoj konsultantskog biznisa.

rec poseta 350 350U Budvi se 27-29. novembra 2014. održavala "REC SECTOR Belarus and Moldova" završna konferencija. Posljednjeg dana konferencije, učesnici su posjetili Kotor. Tom prilikom, 15-tak gostiju iz Moldavije i Belorusije se srelo sa predstavnicima NVO Expeditio i Kompas, upoznali su se sa radom civilnog sektora i izazovima sa kojima se suočavaju nevladine organizacije na teritoriji opštine Kotor.

ikona 350 350Nevladina organizacija EXPEDITIO uputila je Upravi za zaštitu kulturnih dobara - Područno odjeljenje Kotor, Mišljenje vezano za tretman upravne zgrade "Jugooceanije" u Kotoru i inicijativu za uspostavljanje zaštite

Upravna zgrada "Jugooceanije" u Kotoru jedan je od najznačajnijih primjera moderne arhitekture iz druge polovine XX vijeka u Kotoru i posjeduje značajne arhitektonske. istorijske i društvene vrijednosti.  


EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.

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