skaljari primjedbeSmatramo da se predloženi Nacrt Urbanističkog projekta Poslovno-stambene zone Škaljari ne može usvojiti, a razloge za to navodimo u detaljnom objašnjenju koje slijedi. Proces donošenja Urbanističkog projekta Poslovno-stambene zone Škaljari mora se prekinuti do izrade plana višeg reda tj. PUP-a Opštine Kotor (čije je usvajanje predviđeno u 3 kvartalu ove godine). Jedino na taj način ćemo sprečiti da se namjene definišu paušalno ili isključivo na zahtjev vlasnika parcela. S obzirom na značaj ove lokacije za razvoj Kotora nikako ne smijemo dozvoliti da se olako, zauvijek, potroši namjenama koje neće, dokazano, omogućiti razvoj grada.  

europanostraExpeditio representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, is a jury mamber in the category 3 Dedicated service for the awards EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. Jury meeting will be held in February in Brussels (Belgium). Information about the awards for this year will be published at the beginig of April.

WHS on the Adriatic3Final conference of the project EX.PO AUS “EXtension of POtentiality of Unesco Adriatic Sites”, realized within Adriatic IPA CBC 2007-2013, will be held in Dubrovnik on February 2nd 2016. The project included 12 partners from seven countries in the Adriatic region: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Greece. The city of Dubrovnik was the lead partner, while the Montenegrin partner in the project was the Center for Conservation and Archaeology. EXPEDITIO has been involved in this project as Center for Conservation and Archaeology associate.

skupstina kooperative bg2EXPEDITIO representative, Tatjana Rajic, participated at the fifth regular session of the Assembly of Kooperativa - Regional platform for culture, held in Belgrade January 17-20 2016. A part of the Assembly was dedicated to the presentations and discussions about the programmes proposed for the implementation through the platform as a part of a Pilot programme of exchange and cooperation in the Region. After discussions, members of the Assembly decided on the implementation of the programmes through mutual process of evaluation and decision-making. One of the Programmes that will be implemented through the platform is project that was submitted by our organization.

prirucniciEXPEDITIO representative, Biljana Gligoric, participated in the Working Groups for realization of two manuals:

- Working Group for realization of Guidelines for the implementation of procedures for strategic assessment of environmental impact in the process of drafting the local planning document, November 2015 and

- Working group on preparation of the Manual for drafting terms of reference for the development of local planning document, November 2015.

radno vrijemeBelieving that the presence of people living in an area is of ​​key importance for the preservation of the character of each city, we support citizens living in the Old city Kotor in their effort to fight for a more humane and healthier living conditions. We understand that the health of the residents of the Old Town is at risk because of the noise and the current conditions, and the extension of coffee bars working hours could further aggravate the circumstances under which they live.

20 NAJZANIMLJIVIJIH 2Based on the analysis of the visits on our website, we have selected 20 activities that you found the most interesting in 2015. Most of these activities are related to projects in which Expeditio is lead partner or partner. Among those activities are couple of them that we considered important, though Expeditio did not has an active role in them. Their publication on our website attracted your attention therefore they are among the 20 most interesting

see kalendar 2016

Like previous years the SEE Heritage Network has prepared a calendar for 2016. The calendar features beautiful photographs promoting different elements of cultural heritage of Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The photographs have been donated to the SEE Heritage Network by its members and friends.

Katuni MNE 02International Conference “Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas - Experiences, challenges and perspectives” will be held in Žabljak, on 14-16 September 2016. The conference will be organized in the framework of project ‘’Valorizing the Montenegrin Katuns through sustainable development of agriculture and tourism – KATUN”.

kostanjica verigeEXPEDITIO je na osnovu objavljene Javne rasprave na Nacrt Programa uređenja prostora za 2016. godinu Sekretarijatu za urbanizam, građevinarstvo i prostorno planiranje - Direkcija za uređenje i izgradnju Kotora, Opštine Kotor, 12.12.2015. dostavio primjedbe na navedeni dokument.

Primjedbe se odnose na predvidjenu izradu LSL za područje Kostanjica-Verige.

TACSO logoA representative of Expeditio participated in the regional conference „Volunteering and Legislative Framework – good practices and EU standards“, which was held in Podgorica, on 16-17 December 2015 and organized by the TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations) office in Montenegro in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

du2020On 11 December 2015, at the Art Workshop Lazareti, EXPEDITIO representative, Aleksandra Kapetanović, held a presentation about the activities and projects of EXPEDITIO, focusing on heritage as a field of inspiration for the civil sector activity and involvement of citizens. The presentation was part of the project “Incubating Heritage”, realized within the process of nomination of Dubrovnik for the 2020 European Capital of Culture.

eee 2EXPEDITIO representative, Biljana Gligoric, participated in the meeting of Energy Efficiency Board, held in Podgorica on 6 November 2015. At this session, the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro considered a proposal of the Law on Biocidal Products which is to be adopted for the first time because of risks associated with the use of biocidal products, so that their marketing and use must be under special regulatory regime.

fokus grupa gavrocheCenter for Empirical Cultural Studies of South-East Europe launched the project "Exit from the margins - research and policy making of independent cultural scene in South East Europe", which is financially supported by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund (BAC). The project is implemented in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, and is trying to include in the survey the independent cultural scenes of Croatia and Slovenia as well.

PRIPRAVNICKIFrom Monday, 26 October 2015, persons who acquired higher education, which are registered in the Employment Agency of Montenegro and who have no work experience, will be able to apply for the program of vocational training till November 26, 2015, to work at selected employer for a period of nine months. Among registered employers is Expeditio, a professional profile that we are looking for is Bachelor of Architectural Engineering.

Izvjestaj Kooperativa CG

Four representatives of the Kooperativa Steering Committee, from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, have visited Montenegro from 21st till 23rd September 2015. The aim of the visit was to realize closer acquaintance of Kooperativa members with the work of independent cultural scene in Montenegro, so we can work together on its strengthening and further development.

454 european forum arts and communities new culturalEXPEDITIO representative, Tatjana Rajic, will participate in the international conference "European Forum - Arts and Communities: A new cultural challenge", which will be organized by CultureOCentre and held on 7, 8 and 9 October in Orleans (France). Our representative will present the project ECLECTIS, implemented during 2012-2014 and financed by the EU program "Culture Programme 2007-2013" (Line 1.2.1 'Cooperation project'). EXPEDITIO was one of the seven partners from 9 countries involved in this project.

abeceda nez kult gal novaThe exhibition 'The Alphabet of Independent Culture', which gives an insight into a part of the rich history of some of the key actors of independent cultural scene in Croatia, Serbia and the region, will be opened on October 6 at the Nova Gallery in Zagreb. It includes video interviews with artists and organizations, as well as printed materials about their years of work. In the showroom of Gallery Nova will be presented interviews with artists and organizations that were created as part of the collaborative project "The Alphabet of Independent culture" that has been implemented by Kurziv ( and Kulturtreger ( from Zagreb and from Belgrade.

DSC 05671On September 23rd and 24th 2015 in Igalo was held Stakeholders Forum Cultural Heritage Works for South East Europe & 12th RCC Task Force on Culture and Society Meeting. EXPEDITIO representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, took part in the Panel 2:Cultural Heritage – Participatory Governance in the EU and its Implications in SEE.


cetinje radionica 2015Workshop on the development of the independent cultural scene in Montenegro was held in Cetinje on 22/9/2015. Over 30 participants of NGOs, institutions, individuals and representatives of KOOPERATIVA - Regional network for culture for the region of former Yugoslavia, took part in this workshop. Expeditio is one of the organizations which have established KOOPERATIVA, and more recently, Tatjana Rajic from our organization became member of the Steering Committee of this platform.

parking day web2015PARK(ing) Day is an event that is held annually around the world. On that day, the citizens, artists, students, NGOs and all interested, are converting parking lots in temporary public spaces open for all. Parking lots are activated as a place of creativity, experimentation, promotion of social values, political and cultural expression and social interaction. For the third time in Montenegro, PARK(ing) Day will be held in Kotor and for the first time in Podgorica. PARK(ing) Day in Kotor will be held in the parking lot "Riva" (in front of the Old Town), on Friday, September 18, 2015, 5:00 p.m. to 21:00 h.

gender equalityThe meeting of the Council for the implementation of the Local Action Plan for Gender Equality of the Municipality of Kotor (LAPRR) and coordinator for LAPRR was held on 8/9/2105 at the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Affairs. The reason for the session was the definition of the planned budget consumption for the activities of gender equality as well as the identification of resources that would be required for the following year. This meeting was also attended by a representative of Expeditio, Tatjana Rajic, a member of LAPRR Council.

MrežaOn behalf of KOOPERATIVA-Regional Platforme for Culture Expeditio invites you to a workshop that will be held in the conference hall/lobby of the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje, Tuesday 22/9/2015 at 11-15h. This workshop will focus on DEVELOPMENT, NETWORKING AND JOINT ACTION OF THE INDEPENDENT CULTURAL SCENE IN MONTENEGRO. Believing that there is great potential in the independent scene, but also the need to develop, network and operate more efficiently, and that the National Programme for Culture 2011-2015 recognizes the importance of the independent scene for the development of a culture of Montenegro, we hope you will find time to attend the workshop in Cetinje. At the workshop we will have the opportunity to meet the positive regional experience of Kooperativa members and during the discussion share our views, ideas and thoughts on the next steps in the development of the independent scene in Montenegro.

european car free weekBy participating in PARK(ing) Day 2015 we are giving out contribution to the European MOBILITY week, 16-22.septembar. It is a campaign that encourages citizens to use more public transport, bicycles, walking paths... PARK(ing) Day will be held in the parking lot Riva in Kotor on Friday 18.09.2015., 17-21h! You are still not too late to join us.

Parking day POZIV FBPARK(ing) Day 2015 is approaching. On that day people around the world temporarily convert parking places into public spaces in the most creative ways. This year, for the third time, PARK(ing) Day will be held on Friday, September 18, 2015 from 17 to 21h, in the parking lot Riva in Kotor. If you are interested to participate, please send the completed APPLICATION FORM to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Friday 11/9/2015 at 17h.

kooperativaFour representatives of regional platform KOOPERATIVA, headquartered in Zagreb, will visit Montenegro on September 21-23rd 2015. Visit is organized in cooperation with Expeditio, given that Tatjana Rajic, our program manager, became recently a member of the Steering Committee of this network. The aim of the visit is to introduce members of KOOPERATIVA from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia to the work and activities of the independent cultural scene in Montenegro, so that we can jointly work on it’s strengthening and further development.

mehdiMehdi Belasri, intern from France, is with us in Expeditio from September 1st till 20th. He is staying in the SEE region for five months, starting from May 2015. Past few months Mehdi spent in Serbia, assisting to the SEE Heritage Network Secretariat and after Montenegro he will continue his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mehdi studies territorial development at the University of Lille and he is interested into territorial governance, especially into the role of civil society.

Radionica biomimikrija webDear colleagues, it is a great pleasure to announce the 3rd Green Culture event ( which will take place at the Ada Bojana resort, near Ulcinj (by the restaurant Barbana), Montenegro 10-12 September 2015. On this occasion we are inviting you to register for the Biomimicry Workshop, architectural discipline with an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by matching nature's solutions, patterns and strategies. This is a rare opportunity to have this kind of workshop in Montenegro and the region. The presenter is Richard MacCowan, Director and founder of Biomimicry UK ( 

saobracajniceWe inform you that the Report of workshop and site visit in the context of Heritage Impact Assessment - HIA on Traffic Infrastructure in UNESCO World Heritage property ​​Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor is prepared. In the period from 26 March to 8 April 2015, independent experts Katri Lisitzin, Michael Kloos and Maaike Goedkoop were visiting Kotor. The aim of this visit was to explore the procedures of development of more traffic roads in the ​​World Heritage site - Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of ​​Kotor, after UNESCO requirements to develop HIA for these plans. The report should help local authorities to develop Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA).

hvalaDear frineds, till now we have 6 engineers who applied at the invitation for Engineers-volunteers and are interested to be voluntary involved in the development process of the family house project for a family living in very difficult conditions. Now we are covering all stages - architecture, construction, electrical and sewage works. Many thanks to all who have contacted us wanting to help.

popovic52 NGOs from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia have sent a letter to the President of the European Commission in connection with the financing of the Public Policy Institute through the program Europe for Citizens (one of the signatories of this letter is Expeditio). See the reaction here. In response to the reaction, General Director of the European Commission has asked the executive agency in charge of implementation of the program Europe for Citizens to suspend signing the contract with the Public Policy Institute.

radio kotIn the show broadcast Summer stories on the waves of Radio Kotor, on 31 July 2015 at 17:15h you can listen to Tatjana Rajic, Expeditio representative, interview on current and planned projects of our organization. In this twenty minute program, Tatjana Rajic speaks about the project Heritage-Driver of Development, new publications, project Education for Sustainable Cities, SEE Heritage Network, etc.

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.

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