In December 2015, a project of Expeditio entitled STRONGO Developing stronger civil society in Boka Kotorska was approved by the European Union through the IPA 2014 Civil Society Facility Montenegro Programme.

The project lead partner is Expeditio, while other partners are 4 non-governmental organizations from the area of Boka Kotorska: “Naša Akcija” from Kotor, “Urban Nova” from Herceg Novi, Cultural Heritage Association NAPREDAK Gornja Lastva from Tivat and “Agora” from Budva. Project duration is 35 months.


NVO upravljaci bastinomPartneri projekta StroNGO, čiji je cilj da se doprinese razvoju snažnijeg civilnog društva u Boki Kotorskoj, pozivaju vas na radionicu "NVO kao mogući upravljači prirodnom i kulturnom baštinom?". Radionica će se održati u Kotoru 14. decembra 2018. (petak) / 18-20h u prostoru KC "Nikola Đurković", prostor bivše NAUTIKE (u prizemlju). Da se prijavite kliknite OVDJE

kuce za svakogaPXPEDITIO and Cultural Heritage Association NAPREDAK Gornja Lastva invite you to attend the screening of the documentary film “Houses for All - Casas para todos ”. This film speaks about the construction of apartment settlements on the Spanish coast. The film screening will be followed by a discussion about (excessive) construction on Montenegrin coast drawing special attention to the Region of Kotor inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The discussion will be introduced by architect Slobodan Bobo Mitrović, architect Biljana Gligorić and Prof. PhD Rade Ratković.

agoraNGO Agora from Budva organized a workshop on the use of public spaces by independent cultural scene actors. The workshop was held in Budva, on Saturday 24 June 2017 from 9.30 a.m. until 1.30 p.m. 

The workshop was primarily intended for non-governmental and artistic associations and one of its participants was Teo Celakoski the famous activist from Zagreb. The workshop was realized as part of the StroNGO project support by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

bibliotekicaThe non-governmental organization “Nasa akcija”/ “Our Action” from Kotor organized, as one of the partners of StroNGO project, a two-day event “The Days of Activism”. The Event was held in Muo, Kotor, during the weekend of 3-4 June 2017. This volunteer action was part of the StroNGO project that aims to contribute to the development of stronger civil society in Boka Kotorska. The lead partner in the project is NGO Expeditio. The project is approved by the European Union's IPA 2014 Civil Society Facility Montenegro, and it is managed by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

The Days of Activism were organized in order to mark the Worlds Environmental Protection Day in Kotor.

UVOD U PERMAKULTURUPozivamo Vas da se prijavite na radionicu pod nazivom "Uvod u permakulturu" koja će se održati u subotu 22.4.2017. u sali Opštine Tivat. Radionicu zajednički organizuju Opština Tivat i partneri projekta StroNGO. Radionica je namjenjena predstavnicima civilnog sektora, medija, sportskih društava, političkih teritorije opština Tivat, Herceg Novi, Budva i Kotora. Radionicu vodi Aleksandrina Vujačić, dipl. ing. el. / dizajnerka permakulture.

sastanak STRONGO 10 martU petak 10.03.2017. u prostorijama Expeditio održan je partnerski sastanak partnera na StroNGO projektu - Naša akcija, Agora, Urban Nova i Napredak Gornja Lastva. Na sastanku su realizovane završne aktivnosti oko zajedničkog izvještaja i dogovoren plan aktivnosti u 2017. godini.

meiling lista strongoIf you want to receive information about current workshops for NGOs, calls for proposals and events related to the development of civil society, subscribe to a mailing list of the StroNGO project. The project aims to contribute to the development of stronger civil society in Boka Kotorska.

sastanak strongo decembar 2016On Wednesday, 28 December 2016, a meeting of the StroNGO project partners was held in Expeditio office in Kotor. The meeting was attended by representatives of the project partners Naša akcija, Agora, Urban Nova, Napredak Gornja Lastva and Expeditio. The partners discussed the activities related to preparation of a joint report and drew up a general plan of work for 2017.

To find more about StroNGO project please click here

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dan maslineOn Saturday, 17 December 2016, beginning at 10 a.m., the Day of Olives will be organized in Gornja Lastva by the Cultural Heritage Association Napredak Gornja Lastva. The aim of this event is to promote olive growing and olives production in the area of Vrmac. In order to promote good practices the event will be attended by guests from the Association of Olive Oil Producers Vela Luka from Korčule, who will talk about the situation in Korčula, the olive oil of which has recently received the EU protected designation of origin.

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EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.



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