javni-prostori-knjiga“The Catalogue of Public Spaces in Boka Kotorska” contains information on 83 sites identified during the process of mapping of public spaces in Boka Kotorska. The mapping was conduced by EXPEDITIO as part of the project SOSTENUTO - Culture as a Factor of Economic and Social Innovation. Part of the activities was realized within another project of EXPEDITIO entitled “Revival of City Squares in Balkan Cities”. The mapping of public spaces in the territories of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi was realized in the period May-August 2011, while in the autumn 2011 the collected material was processed and prepared for the website and the catalogue available in pdf at Expeditio website. This catalogue presents 83 out of 175 public spaces identified during the mapping process. At the web address www.strategija.bokabay.info, it is possible to find a map and catalogue of all the identified public spaces. The mapping was done by associates engaged by Expeditio. However, the citizens of Boka Kotorska were included in the process by being invited to propose the sites they consider interesting as public spaces.

Why conducing the mapping of public spaces in Boka Kotorska? During 2011 Expeditio was coordinating the process of creation of Local programmes for the development of culture for the Municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi for the period 2012-216. In this process, Expeditio was a partner to the local governments of the said municipalities. Believing that public spaces are indispensable topic when the cultural development of towns and places is concerned Expeditio decided to create, through a mapping process, a database of information necessary for the further activities aimed at activating and better using of public spaces in Boka Kotorska.

Through the mapping process, we tried to recognize different sites that already are or can be used as public spaces or can contribute to improving the life of concerned towns and places. The public spaces have been mapped according to their use, accessibility, physical characteristics, available information about them and facilities/equipment present in them. The mapping involved the identification of public spaces that are used on a daily basis and have facilities encouraging people to spend more time in them, as well as those that are currently not used or are used in an inadequate way despite their obvious potential to be public spaces. Under public spaces, we implied squares, open spaces in front of churches and public buildings, parks, playgrounds, etc.

A number of 175 identified public spaces gives evidence that Boka Kotorska has a great potential when public spaces are concerned. It also implies that this potential could be used in a more imaginative way.

This catalogue is intended for all those who wish to contribute to enhancing the public spaces in the territories of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi. The catalogue contains basic information on the sites that can become grounds for different social activities/events, enriching thus the life of local residents or tourists who visit them. The catalogue describes 83 out of 175 identified public spaces. Other public spaces are presented at the website www.strategija.boka.info

Katalog javnih prostora Boke Kotorske (pdf)

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