EXPEDITIO emerged and survived thanks to volunteerism. During its existence, a large number of Expeditio activities was based on volunteer work. The first of our projects were exclusively voluntary, and the little resources that we have managed to secure from sponsors and donors would be spent on printing costs, travel, materials or basic living expenses on the field. Often, it would be necessary to invest even own funds so that individual projects and activities could be implemented. At a later stage, as the organization developed, we managed to provide minimal resources for implementation of activities and covering the fees, but we still mostly invested a substantial amount of unpaid work. Also, some of our friends and supporters helped on volunteer basis to EXPEDITIO at a time when we were not able to provide funding for certain activities (mainly translation). In the following, we shall list our volunteers, as well as some examples of volunteer support to others provided by Expeditio since 1997.
People who have contributed to the Expeditio development through their volunteer engagement:
- Stevan Kordić, photographer from Kotor - Stevan grants us with his professional photography everytime we ask :)
- Adrienne Blattel, Montreal, Canada - Adrienne has volunteered at Expeditio for 3 months in the fall of 2009
- Darmila Vojinović, Podgorica - translation
- Jadranka Vojvodić, Podgorica - translation
- Mila Marjanac Turi, Budva (and Novi Sad) - translation of the Forum „From Vision to Action”
- Miomira Bohus, Beograd - translation
- Dejan Radović, Beograd - translation in English of the first Expeditio web site
- Leigh Grant, USA - editing the book "Guide to Perast" in English, financial donations
- Jasmina Andonović, Beograd - translation "Management approach and its applicability on protected landscapes"
- Dado Žica, Beograd - various kinds of help and support
- Milica Lopičić, Beograd - various kinds of help and support
- Milica Tanasijević, Beograd - translation
- Vuko Strugar, Bar - translation "Protected Landscapes and Cultural Landscapes"
- Gordana Petković, Jagodina - translation of the Forum "From Vision to Action”
- Nataša Govedarica, Montreal - translation of the Forum "From Vision to Action”
- Gillian Caddy, England - editing of the book "Medieval Towns in Monetenegro"
- Svetlana Kikanović, Kotor - assistance in carrying out a survey on the project "Cultural Needs of Youth in Boka"
- Srđan Milošević, Beograd - travelogues Bratislava and Brno
- Dragiša Spremo, Banja Luka, travelogues through Bosnia
- Bojana Karavidić, Novi Sad - travelogue about Albania
- Miško Leković, Godinje - travelogue about Godinje
- Aleksandar Stanojlović, Pančevo - travel books on railways
- Zorica Tomanović, Podgorica  - travelogue about Zabljak Crnojevica
- Marija Nikolić, Tivat - travelogue of the City Park in Tivat
- Zorana Melović, Beograd - travelogue about Italy
- Marija Mihaliček, Kotor - travel books about Perast Islands
- Tanja Piperović, Podgorica - travel books about archeology in Montenegro
+ Participants of the Volunteer work camps in Perast 03/04/2002 (~ 40 people from the region and Sweden)
A huge thanks to all our volunteers!
Projects that are entirely based on the voluntary work of EXPEDITIO members are:
Other volunteer activities of EXPEDITIO
Volunteer engagement of EXPEDITIO - Design and Prepress:
- Kotor City Walls - partnership project MBA, IRD ...
- Perast City Museum - informational leaflet
- Lapidarium Kotor - informational leaflet
- NGO Anima, Kotor - different PR material (leaflets, brochures...), translation...
- Mountaineering Club "Vjeverica" from Kotor - PR material (logo, t-shirts, pocket calendars, leaflets), website, all promotional material of the project "All to Vrmac - Vrmac for all!", organization of presentation "Layers of Austro-Hungarian heritage at Vrmac"
- Cultural Centre Kotor - banner for the festival EX - YU film in Kotor (2007), poster for the play "Chicago perversion", a website for the "Festival Teuta"
- NGO Women's Safe House, Podgorica - brochures and leaflets, website ..
- NGO Vertigo - poster for the play "Jacques or obedience"
- NGO Natura - help with translation...
EXPEDITIO conceptual design projects that were voluntary implemented:
- House of Free Thought - preliminary design for the reconstruction for NGO Anima + financial support
- Preliminary design for the solution of the Elementary School yard in Kolasin - Expeditio in cooperation with Jelena Franovic, landscapes. Arch.
Websites made voluntary by EXPEDITIO:
Other volunteer activities of EXPEDITIO:
- Organizing visits to the Bay of Kotor Canova to the participants of the association "Architectes du Patrimoine in France"
Help in the form of consultations, providing advices and literature from EXPEDITIO library to students, researchers and all interested ...
- EXPEDITIO hired free of charge projection equipment many times (projector and screen) to non-governmental organizations, associations and public institutions that would come forward with this need
- EXPEDITIO also hired free of charge its premises to other non-governmental organizations for their meetings, focus groups etc.
- EXPEDITIO donated 4 used monitors to citizens of Kotor
Unpaid participation of EXPEDITIO members in different working groups, councils, committees, such as:
- National Council for Sustainable Development
- Committee for the sites of world cultural and natural heritage of the National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO
- Board of the Association of Friends of Perast
If you desire to volunteer in Expeditio, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.



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