If you want to join those who support our mission, there are many ways to get involved and contribute. EXPEDITIO mission is encouraging sustainable spatial development of Montenegro and SEE region through activities in the field of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, spatial planning, as well as through activities that contribute to the overall development of civil society.

In its work EXPEDITIO is guided by by the following principles:

  • Concern about the space and the environment: We promote an approach to building and spatial planning practices that includes the care for the environment. Construction sector is a major consumer of energy and is responsible for a high level of pollution. Our vision is that sustainable building and planning practices should not be an exception but usual approach in architecture.
  • Taking care of cultural heritage: We believe that culture is an important resource that contributes to social and economic sustainability of a society.
  • Suitability: We try to understand the real needs of the surroundings in which we live and design our projects accordingly. We try to achieve project results which are visible, clear and useful to their beneficiaries.
  • Cooperation and partnerships: We believe that good effects of projects can be achieved through networking and partnerships between non-governmental, private and public sectors. The media also have an important role.
  • Cultural diversity and human rights: We believe in partnerships that reflect the national, religious or any other diversity.
  • Participatory approach: We regard as sustainable that approach which includes as many stakeholders as possible. The space is a matter of concern of all people, and they have the right to influence its development. We believe that through active participation in projects, the stakeholders can develop ownership of the project ideas and results.
  • Sustainability: We promote sustainable solutions - in social, environmental, economic and cultural sense.
  • Gender equality: We attach a lot of importance to promoting and applying the principles of gender equality. We believe that gender equality, together with other kinds of equality, forms the basis of social development.
  • Transparency: We try to achieve the greatest degree of transparency in our work. We regularly publish and disseminate information about all our activities through our website, mailing lists and annual reports. Information about our financial revenues and expenditures is available to the public.
  • Diversity of target groups: Since space matters concern all people, our target groups are diverse: children, youth, persons with disabilities, local governments, NGOs, the media ....
  • Philanthropy: We believe that everything we do should be shared with other people. Because of that, our publications, documents, researches, reviews, photographs, etc.. are available to all through our website.


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