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Sastanak u Opštini Kotor
In January 2007 EXPEDITIO initiated a project “INTER-MUNICIPAL COOPERATION IN MONTENEGRO; promoting inter-municipal initiatives between the Municipalities of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat in the sub-region of Kotor Bay”. The project is funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade and it is conducted in cooperation between EXPEDITIO, SNV WORLD – Netherlands Development Organization and the Municipalities of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat. The main goal of the project is to elaborate and develop different mechanisms and forms of cooperation between municipalities in the sub-region of Boka Kotorska (Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat). For the achievement of this goal, emphasis is laid on joint initiatives in the sphere of cultural tourism in Kotor Bay.

Within the project a working group has been formed of the representatives of SNV WORLD, EXPEDITIO and the Municipalities of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat who have defined some specific activities/pilot project, in the field of cultural tourism in Kotor Bay, around which trust and joint implementation capacity of the project participants can be built.

These activities include:
1. Creating a joint website which will feature a Calendar of cultural events in Boka Kotorska
2. Designing a map of cultural monuments in Boka Kotorska
3. Organizing a lecture/debate on the branding of Boka Kotorska.

The emphasis of the project is on the process of collaboration between Municipalities of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat and on establishing legal mechanisms (such as Decisions at local level) for long-term cooperation in various fields.

The project and its goals have been presented to the mayors of the Municipalities of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat and their associates. All the mayors recognized the importance of the project, emphasizing that inter-municipal cooperation has been inadequate so far and that it is very important for the regional development. They expressed their readiness for further cooperation in the project activities.

In autumn this year, the mayors will sign a joint document on inter-municipal cooperation, formalizing in that way their goodwill for cooperation.

The projects lasts until December 2007.
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