KATUN konferencija RInternational conference “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MOUNTAIN AREAS- Experiences, challenges and perspectives”, organized within KATUN project will be held in Žabljak form 14 to 16 September 2016.

This event is organized within the framework of project ‘’Valorizing the MontenegrinKatuns through sustainable development of agriculture and tourism - KATUN’’. The main idea of theproject, being implemented by the interdisciplinary research team, is to create a knowledge base forthe multipurpose use of Montenegrin mountain resources, by combining the traditional agriculturewith boosting tourism activities and protecting the cultural heritage (www.katun.me).

Katuns, as thenuclei of traditional agriculture in mountain areas, face many challenges. That’s why the conference is focused on social, cultural and business environment in development of mountainareas, with an aim to provide different experiences, improve understanding of the challenges indynamic social and economic environment and bring together different stakeholders involved indevelopment of Montenegrin mountains.

Expeditio representative, Aleksandra Kapetanović, will participate in the conference. As a member of the team of the Historical Institute, she has co-authored several papers for the conference and will also hold the presentation on the topic “Cottages in katuns cultural landscape - Architectural features of cottages (gladas) in Kučka Mountain”.

You can download conference program in Montenegrin and  English language.

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