fotke socAfter finished workshop “Through Social Marketing To Change”, which was organized as part of the StroNGO project in Gornja Lastva, we have asked the participants to share with us their impressions, comments and suggestions. Below you can read some of the comments from the evaluation. Thank you all for the participation and contribution.

 What do you like most about the workshop?

  • Positive atmosphere and the availability of trainers to provide information
  • Quality of information
  • All!
  • The atmosphere and relations between participants, cooperation with the trainer, lunch
  • The theme of the workshop
  • The atmosphere, coaches, organizers, participants ... nice combination of all
  • A way to meet with the theme of the workshop; food.
  • New findings on social marketing and meeting new people who are dealing with it.
  • First of all topics, because it was a kind of marketing with which we are all somewhat familiar, although we did not its professional title. Coaches were able to make a clear distinction between the different types of marketing thanks to the excellent practices. Practical part was useful as well. I have to commend the ladies who were preparing lunch! :)
  • Location - very pleasant atmosphere in the Upper Lastva. The trainers were in great mood, and other participants made averything even better.
  • Place and individual teams
  • Camaraderie and friendly environment and organization. The possibility to introduce AOL. Definitely a few ideas that I will adopt, whivh are concerning the social marketing.
  • Concise and practical presentations, easy to understand and implement in future.
  • Examples

How do you intend to take advantage of knowledge gatered from the workshop ?

  • I intend to use the methods that are listed in the two plans in the work of mine organization.
  • In the work of NGO.
  • At any moment where necessary.
  • I will convey knowledge to the members of my organization and I can use it in any situation, both in business and in private life. The benefits are multiple.
  • Through projects.
  • In the work of mine organization.
  • I want to use it in practice in the work of NGOs in which I am a member.
    He would like to acquired knowledge in some way use in practice through as many projects. I have some ideas that would like to put it into action.
  • We had a good case study and we will probably apply it.
  • We will definitely make affirmative messages on the street, I really liked it, and it was said that it is totally accessible and easy to do.
  • When organizing following actions and seminars of Art of Living programm.

Additional comments...

  • Thank you for calling, please let me know about some upcoming workshops.
  • Thanks to these workshops, I hope that they will be organized in future!
  • Wonderful place for training
  • Similar workshops are more than welcome. It might be interesting to organize a workshop on the promotion through social networks.
  • THANK YOU, because I was at home. I sincerely ask you to completely switch to a vegetarian menu in all similar circumstances, as part of the support and movement on the planet that cares and gives a million reasons to stop the torture of animals.
  • Thank you for the well-chosen theme of the workshop.

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