LOGO skola i gradWe announce with pleasure the results of the competition for a logo of the project SCHOOL4CITY.  We congratulate to the students who won three top prizes and thank to all those who participated and contributed with their creativity to the success of this competition. We also want to thank to teachers for encouraging and motivating their students to take part in this competition, contributing thus to their empowerment, so that in the future they can take a more active role in the creation of their cities and neighbourhoods.

Below you can read a report on the competition.


A competition for the project logo designing was announced in Montenegrin schools on 15 January 2016 and was open until 15 February 2016. By the deadline, 218 entries were received from 194 students from 36 primary and secondary schools in Montenegro and one primary school from Zrenjanin, Serbia. On 19 February 2016, a five-member jury met in Expeditio office in Kotor to select the best works. The jury was composed of the following members:
- Zoran Kruta, painter, Tivat
- Marica Kuznjecov, graphic designer, Budva
- Beća Radulović, graphic designer, Kotor
- Nevena Čabrilo, the Bureau for Education Services of Montenegro, Podgorica
- Biljana Gligorić, architect, Kotor

Awarded works:
1. First prize - Anđela Ognjenović, Primary School “Orjenski bataljon”, Bijela
2. Second prize - Bojan Milunović, Primary School “Veljko Drobnjaković“, Risan
3. Third Prize – Vladimir Marić, High School “Slobodan Škerović“, Podgorica

Additional awards to students:
In addition to 3 first prizes the jury decided, although it had not been originally planned, to award diplomas to the following 13 students whose works stood out for being very creative and original: Nikolina Raičević, Mija Raičević, Anja Miranović, Kristina Milačić, Aleksandra Mugoša and Nikola Vukčevića (Primary School “Vlado Milić” Podgorica), Ivana Đurović and Jelena Krivokapić (Primary School “Orjenski bataljon” Bijela), Ivana Kovač and Nikoleta Ćorović (Primary School “Veljko Drobnjaković“ Risan), Andrea Usanović (Primary School “Ivo Visin“ Prčanj), Nemanja Đurić (Primary School “Dašo Pavičić“ Herceg Novi) and Mila Stojanović (Fine Arts Secondary School “Petar Lubarda“ Cetinje).

Additional awards to schools:
The jury also awarded diplomas to the following 26 schools in Montenegro for sending group entries of their students: Primary School “Luka Simonović“ Nikšić, Primary School “Vlado Milić“ Podgorica, Primary School “Milan Vuković“ Herceg Novi, Primary School “Njegoš“ Kotor, Primary School “Ivo Visin“ Prčanj, Primary School “Oktoih“ Podgorica, Primary School “Vuk Karadžič“ Bistrica, Primary School “Mladost“ Kanje, Primary School “Rifat Burdžović“ Lozna, Primary School “Dašo Pavičić“ Herceg Novi, Primary School “Braća Ribar“ Nikšić, Primary School “Orjenski bataljon“ Bijela, Primary School “Veljko Drobnjaković“ Risan and its branch school in Morinj, Primary School “Sutjeska“ Podgorica, Primary School “Vuko Jovović“ Danilovgrad, Secondary School for Civil Engineering and Geodesy “Inžinjer Marko Radević“ Podgorca, High School Kotor, Fine Arts Secondary School “Petar Lubarda“ Cetinje, Secondary School of Electrical Engineering “Vaso Aligrudić“ Podgorica, Primary School “Marko Miljanov“ Bijelo Polje, Primary School “Milorad Musa Burzan“  Podgorica, JU Srednja muzička škola „Dara Čokorilo“ Nikšić, Primary School “Olga Golović“ Nikšić, Primary School “Maršal Tito“ Ulcinj and Primary School “Donja Lovnica“ Rožaje.

Announcement of the winners and an award ceremony will be held in Podgorica, on 9 March 2016, during the kick-off event of the project SCHOOL4CITY.

1. nagrada: Anđela Ognjenović, Bijela

2. nagrada: Bojan Milunović, Risan

3. nagrada: Vladimir Marić, Podgorica

 Diploma: Nikolina Raičević, Podgorica

 Diploma: Mija Raičević, Podgorica

Diploma: Anja Miranović, Podgorica

Diploma: Kristina Milačić, Podgorica

Diploma: Aleksandra Mugoša, Podgorica

Diploma: Nikola Vukčević, Podgorica

Diploma: Ivana Đurović, Bijela

Diploma: Ivana Kovač, Risan

Diploma: Andrea Usanović, Prčanj

Diploma: Andrea Usanović, Prčanj

Diploma: Nemanja Đurić, Herceg Novi

Diploma: Jelena Krivokapić, Bijela


Diploma: Nikoleta Ćorović, Risan

Diploma: Mila Stojanović, Cetinje







EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.



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