kooperativa"Project City Spaces - Spaces for Citizens" is approved at the open call for Pilot Programmes of Exchange and Cooperation in the Region of former Yugoslavia, announced by the Regional platform for culture KOOPERATIVA. This project is jointly implemented by the applicant Expeditio (MNE) and partners - Ministry of Space (SRB) and Operation City (CRO) in cooperation with IPOP Institute for Policies of Space (SLO). The project will be implemented during 2016/17. Below you can find Project Summary.

City Spaces - Spaces for Citizens

Applicant (Expeditio-ME), partners (Ministry of Space-SER and Alliance Operation City-CRO) and associate (IPOP Institute for Policies of Space-SLO) have been active for a number of years in the field of city resources management with focus on public interest. In addition, all four organizations are interested in contributing to independent cultural scenedevelopment.

Do we sufficiently use potentials of public spaces regarding the real needs of our communities? How can we better involve independent cultural actors in decision making processes on management of public spaces? These are some questions that  the project “City Spaces – Spaces for Citizens” aims to respond, considering local contexts and experiences in big cities (Zagreb and Belgrade) as well as in smaller communities (Kotor, Tivat, Budva and Herceg Novi).

Aim of the project “City Spaces – Spaces for Citizens” is to improve participation of independent cultural scene actors in decision-making processes concerning management of public properties in partner countries.

The issue of the possible role of independent cultural scene in management of public spaces is not new, but it is still very relevant in the region. There are significant achievements and good experiences in this field, particularly in Croatia and to a certain extent in Serbia. In Montenegro there was no committed advocacy activities initiated by independent cultural actors on public facilities management.

Therefore the main idea of the project “City Spaces – Spaces for Citizens” is to contribute to the overall independent scene capacity building processesby promoting regional cooperation and experiences in the field of public properties management, addressing at the same time specific issues in local contexts of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Total project budget: EUR 10.180,00.

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