Studija kulturne baštine VrmcaVrmac hill is a peninsula that separates Bays of Kotor and Tivat, and whose territory is administrativly governed by the Municipality of Tivat and Municipality of Kotor. Part of Vrmac which belongs to the Municipality of Kotor is also part of a protected Natural and culturo- historical Region of Kotor inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. By the Regional Plan of the Municipality of Kotor from 1987, the area of ​​Vrmac is planned as a regional nature park, while a part of Vrmac, which belongs to the Municipality of Tivat is defined by the Spatial and urban plan of Tivat from 2010 as a nature park.

Bearing in mind the outstanding natural values and richness of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Vrmac, this area was chosen as a pilot area for the application of knowledge gained through the project "Heritage - Driver of Development" activities. The ultimate aim was to examine models of valorization that will not be in conflict with the protection of cultural landscape of the site.

This study of Vrmac, as a contribution to above mantioned eim, has been realized as part of the project Heritage - Driver of Development.

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