povelja o pp 350 350Within the project "Heritage - Driver of Development", project partners have translated and published a document The Charter of European Planning - approved by the General Assembly of Barcelona on April 22nd, 2013.

Conscious of the importance of spatial planning in the protection, planning and management of heritage and considering spatial planning important tool for encouraging citizen participation in the processes and activities related to the different issues that are important for the present and future life of the European continent, the project partners decided to translate The Charter of European Planning on Montenegrin and Croatian language. By printing the Charter and making its pdf version, partners want this Charter to be available not only to experts but also the general public in Montenegro and Croatia, in an effort to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable development of their countries.

The Charter translation can be viewed/downloaded at link: http://issuu.com/expeditiokotor/docs/povelja-mne-web

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