naslovna eclectis 350 350"A Contribution from Cultural and Creative actors to citizens' empowerment" is the publication developed as the result of ECLECTIS - European Citizens' Laboratories for Empowerment: CiTIes Shared, the project of European cultural cooperation, implemented during 2012-2014. This project included 11 European and international partners from 9 countries who worked on involving citizens in development of urban space, as well as sharing a common interest in development of creative projects inspired by artistic and inclusive approaches. One of the project partners was EXPEDITIO from Kotor.

The publication refers to:

• empowerment citizens to drive local changes for long-term impacts;
• ecourage creativity and appropriation of urban space;
• enhance European urban space diversity.

Empowering European citizens is linked to the promotion of a different approach, in which the citizen is not a beneficiary or consumer, but an active collaborator in the transformation of his or her environment. This contributes to creating a city that is largely democratic, equitable and sustainable.

The objectives of this publication are:

• sharing experiences with all stakeholders;
• strengthening involvement of citizens and creative actors in decision-making related to the city;
• support their role in policy-making, from local to European level;
• submission of written material to the European Union, to contribute to the propagation of the role of cultural and creative sectors in the European policies.

The publication "A Contribution from Cultural and Creative actors to citizens' empowerment" is intended for decision makers, professionals in the field of cultural and urban planning as well as to citizens across Europe and beyond.

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