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The winning entries are:

Author code „14122GG“ – radna šifra / working code 3

Team representatives: Čedomir Ristić i Nataša Žugić

Team members: Ana Džokić, Ana Vilenica, Antonije Pušić, Dušan Milanović, Dušica Parezanović, Emilija Zlatković, Jelena Tomić, Marc Neelen, Marija Draškić, Marko Aksentijević, Milica Ružičić, Nebojša Milikić, Paul Currion, Predrag Milić, Srđan Tomić, Tadej Kurepa, Uroš Maksimović, Vedran Spaić

External experts: Hein de Haan, Slobodan Reljić

Author code „00100“ – working code 16

Author team: Pavle Stamenović,Dušan Stojanović

Team members: Žarko Uzelac, Katarina Obradović-konsultant sa LEED licencom

Author code „fz14“ – working code 19

Author team: Dragana Đorđević,Dalia Dukanac, Ivana Jelić, Predrag Milanović

Authors of these entries will be included on further work on preparation of a feasibility study for the Eco Green Village. These entries will be awarded with the total of 600.000 RSD before taxes, regulated through three contracts.

The award includes a paid visit to the CONSTRUMA fair in Budapest for up to 2 members of every winning team. The winning entries from Savski venac will be exhibited at the MILD Home project booth.

Special mention goes to the following entries:

Author code „N18149“ – working code 5

Author team: Nataša Turuntaš, Ivana Radović,Biljana Apostolović, Zoran Miljanić,

Author code „02381LV“ – working code 7

Author team: Grozdana Šišović, Dejan Milanović,Maja Morošan,Miloš Kostić,

Author code „48685KK“ – working code 2

Author team: TatjanaZagoričnik, Ivan Kalc,Sonja Krastavčević,Tamara Ilić, Biljana Fimić.

These three works will also be promoted at the CONSTRUMA fair in Budapest and shown at the MILD Home project booth. They will be shown at the architecture and urban design exhibitions in the region as well as in international manifestations and conferences. It is planned to present them in professional magazines in the field of architecture and sustainable building.

All team members who took part in the competition will be given the opportunity to participate in sustainable building trainings focused on the topic of Eco Green Villages.

Jury members:

• Tomislav Đorđević, dipl.inž.arh., president of the Planning committee of Belgrade;

• Jelena Pejković, M.Arch., LEED AP, external expert, EXPEDITIO;

• mr. Jasmina Đokić-Pavkov, dipl.inž.arh., deputy of the President of the Municipality;

• Mag. Hermann J. Jahrmann, President of Baubiologisches Institut, Linz, Austria;

• Docent dr. Đorđe Stojanović, dipl.inž.arh., University of Belgrade, School of Architecture;

• Professor Branislav Mitrović, dipl.inž.arh., University of Belgrade, School of Architecture;

• Assistant Professor Radoslav Galić, dipl.inž.maš., University of Belgrade, School of Mechanical Engineering.

Deputy members:

• Nina Mitranić, dipl.inž.arh., Project manager, Municipalitz of Savski venac,

• Nemanja Petrović, dipl.ecc., deputy of the President of the Municipality.

Competition secretary:

• Nemanja Stanković, dipl. inž. arh., MSV,

• Vera Perović, dipl. inž. maš., MSV.

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.



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