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vedran In the middle of December 2012, Expeditio invited the citizens of Kotor and surrounding municipalities, to lend them for several days their old lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, lampshades and flashlights. The idea was to use those lamps to light one small public space in the Old Town Kotor. We wanted to show that, through engaging citizens in a simple and creative action, a public space can be improved and made more interesting. This activity was realized in cooperation with the members of the artistic associatio ProstoRož from Ljubljana. Prostoroz explores, examines and opens new possibilities of public space use in accordance with the needs of its inhabitants in Slovenia and abroad (

As for the action in Kotor, the citizens responded to the call and we have collected about 25 lamps. They have been recycled into one bigger chandelier, which was then installed to light a semi-public space near St. Tryphon’s cathedral in the Old Town Kotor. The promotion also included a small performance prepared by the children attending the local acting school led by Montenegrin theater director Petar Pajaković. For this occasion, children have prepared some legends and stories about Kotor and Boka Kotorska region. At the end, all the guests were served tea, warm wine and cookies.


This activity has been realized thanks to citizens listed below:

- Jelena Lazarević
- Dabiša Barbić
- Patricia Pobrić
- Iva Kuševija
- Maruška i Slobodan Drašković
- Dubravka Ivetić
- Milica Milutin
- Senka Đeković
- Nina Jevtović
- Ljubo Kapetanović
- Milena Vrzić
- NVO Anima
- Dragan Jovanović
- Aleksandra (Tivat)
- Vesna Leković
- Pero Pejović
- Nenad Vujović
- Nives Kunjić
- Radio Kotor
- Radio DUX
- Slavica Lompar
- Petar Pejaković
- Djeca iz škole glume Petra Pejakovića
- Nikola i Vedran iz škole glume Petra Pejakovića
- Frizerski salon Bajlo

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