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The Commission for co-financing projects for youth, at its meeting held on 3 June 2009, made a decision on awarding funds for co-financing projects for youth in 2009, in accordance with the National action plan for youth and Action plan for 2009. Out of 75 submitted projects proposals in various fields, 20 projects were selected for co-financing, including a project submitted by EXPEDITIO titled “Cultural Needs of Youth in Boka Kotorska”. Expeditio was awarded 3000 € for the realization of the project. Expeditio obtained a written support for the project from the Cultural Centre "Nikola Đurković" from Kotor and the Municipality of Kotor – Department for Culture and Social Services (Sector for Youth Policy).

The project “Cultural Needs of Youth in Boka Kotorska” aims at researching the culture related needs of youth in the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, and integrating the conclusions of the research into a platform for developing a “Cultural Strategy of Boka Kotorska”.

More specifically, the project aims to:
• To examine what young people understand by culture
• To identify cultural needs of youth and how they can be fulfilled
• To examine whether various groups of youth have equal access to culture and how to improve the situation
• To identify the obstacles young people meet in fulfilling their cultural needs and how they be removed

The project „Cultural Needs of Youth in Boka Kotorska“ will be conducted within a larger initiative, i.e. a MED programme funded project named “Sostenuto”. The project is led by the organization „A.M.I.” from France and includes partner organizations from Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Montenegro (Expeditio is the only partner outside the EU). The project was officially approved by the EU in February 2009, while Expeditio’s project was approved by the Secretariat for European Integrations of Montenegro.
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