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EXPEDITIO has just issued a publication “Palaces of Boka Kotorska” in Montenegrin language. Together with the publication, a website, which contains information from the publication, has been designed and set up. The aim of the publication is to present, in one place, all the palaces and other important and characteristic residential houses in Boka Kotorska, which can be included in an interesting cultural itinerary. During preparation of the publication, we referred to a wealth of material and prior research on the individual palaces.


Primarily, the publication aims to present all the houses in Boka Kotorska termed as PALACES (loc. ”palata” or ”palac”, Ital. “palazzo”) in accordance with the specific local understanding of this term. However, the publication also presents some smaller palaces called “PALACINI”, and some selected SUMMER HOUSES, VILLAS and other DISTINCTIVE RESIDENTIAL COMPLEXES in Boka Kotorska which, based on their features, deserve to be included in a cultural itinerary of distinctive houses of Boka Kotorska.

In the area of Boka Kotorska there are a large number of palaces and other characteristic houses with distinctive cultural-historic, artistic and architectural values which represent an important segment of our cultural heritage. These houses are the best evidence of social, economic and cultural development of the area and offer an insight into the culture and way of life of the whole area.

The publication and website are the results of the first project “Cultural Itinerary – Palaces of Boka Kotorska”. The project was aimed at presenting the palaces of Boka Kotorska and adding them to a cultural itinerary as part of the existing tourist attraction of Montenegro. By identifying and assessing our rich heritage in this way, the publication hopes to contribute to the development of cultural tourism here.

The project is intended to serve as a model for designing cultural itineraries focusing on various themes, such as archeological sites, medieval towns, Austro-Hungarian fortresses, Romanesque churches, monasteries, rural ensembles, etc. within the cultural heritage of Boka Kotorska, the Montenegrin coast and other parts of Montenegro. These itineraries could later be linked with cultural itineraries of other countries in the region.

The funds for the project “Cultural Itinerary – Palaces of Boka Kotorska” were obtained from the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Montenegro and the Municipality of Kotor.

The publication was printed in 1,000 copies.

FaLang translation system by Faboba