dux kotor o kotoruDownloaded from the web site of Radio-DUX: "KoTo (R) o Kotoru" – is the name of the documentary show of community theatre; which was collectively designed, with the help of director Petar Pejakovic, and performed by citizens of Kotor. This theatre play was performed last night in the crowded Hall of the Cultural center Nikola Djurkovic in Kotor.

The show was created as a result of the eight month process of the work entitled the "Theatre Play About Kotor", which encompassed more than 50 workshops (from October 2015 to June 2016), and which was attended by around 60 citizens. Thematically focused on the particularities and problems of the city of Kotor, and based on the stories of citizens which reflect their relationship to the city, the performance "KoTo(R) o Kotoru" promotes the idea of theatre as a means of research and creative expression of the individual or group for the purposes of personal development and social engagement.

The show has sparked the enthusiasm of numerous visitors, while authentic Kotor speech, humor and sarcasm have contributed that project fully succeed and entertained all present, but also to give the basic message that citizens must be included in addressing the problems of the city, and by their activities accomplish the general betterment for all.

A project "Theatre Play About Kotor" has launched NGO Expeditio, in collaboration with the art director Petar Pejaković, with the support of the cultural centre Nikola Djurkovic, as part of broader projects European Artizen Initiative (funded through the EU program Creative Europe), as well as the ACT4CITY (which is funded by the BAC-Balkan Arts and Culture Fund)."

Tuesday, June21st, 2016   http://www.radiodux.me/vijesti/drustvo/poruke-kroz-smijeh-i-sarkazam


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