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Description: In Poland, from 12 to 19 November 2006, a Study tour was organized for representatives of administration and non-governmental organizations from Montenegro to Polish institutions that deal with EU integration. The study tour was titled “For you could be difficult, too – Make the process less painful”. It was aimed at transmitting Polish experience of EU integration process, especially in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Study tour was realized within a project initiated by the Institute for Sustainable Development from Warsaw, one of the Polish social organizations that had been most active in contributing to creating and raising awareness of the process of Polish accession to the European Union. The Institute’s partners in this project were UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Office in Montenegro, Office for Sustainable Development from Podgorica and, as the main partner, EXPEDITIO – Centre for Sustainable Development from Kotor. The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, in the part that referred to assistance of foreign and international development cooperation.

Place: Warsaw, Poland and Montenegro
Participants: The participants in the Study tour were 10 representatives of non-governmental organizations and 5 representatives of administration of Montenegro.

Representatives of NGOs:
- Centre for protection and study of birds, Podgorica, representative Darko Saveljić
- CRNVO /Centre for the development of NGOs/, Podgorica, representative Aleksandar Saša Zeković
- Association of Young Ecologists, representative Radoje Stanić
- Eko centar „Delfin“, Kotor, representative Ljilja Radunović
- E.D. Breznica, Pljevlja, representative Milorad Mitrović
- EXPEDITIO, Kotor, representative Aleksanda Kapetanović
- Gea, Podgorica, representative Nataša Mirecki
- Cultural homeland association Napredak Gornja Lastva, Tivat, representative Marija Nikolić
- MANS /Network for the affirmation of NGO sector/, Podgorica, representative Veselin Bajčeta
- Novi horizont, Ulcinj, representative Nazif Velić

Representatives of state institutions:
- Ministry of European Integration and Economic Affairs, representative Miloš Bošković
- Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, representative Blažo Jokanović
- Ministry of Tourism, representative Goranka Lazović
- Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications, representative Ivan Zuber
- Tourism Organization of Podgorica, representative Ljiljana Šćepanović

Participant in the study tour in the role of an interpreter was Aleksandar Ražnatović, M.A. in fishing and a court interpreter for Polish language.

Result: Publication "Montenegro on the path of EU integrations – Experiences of Poland"

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Initiator of the project >
Institute for Sustainable Development, Warsaw, Poland

Partners >
UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Office in Montenegro
Office for Sustainable Development, Podgorica

Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

Duration: October – December 2006

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