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Project title

Architectural Research of the Former French Embassy Building in Cetinje

Key words

arrchitecture, research, presentation, promotion, cultural heritage

Aim of the project

The aim of architectural research of the former French Embassy Building in Cetinje was to create the necessary expertise basis for further process of rehabilitation through archive researches and architectural analysis, as well as to present and promote the values of this important cultural heritage.This architectural research is significant because it brought new information about this property from from several aspects. Thanks to research we discovered new knowledge about the project designer, project participants, architectural features and the subsequent transformation of the building, as well as about architecture in Cetinje at the beginning of the twentieth century and the relationships that existed between Montenegro and France.The research was conducted as one of the activities within the project Ljubljana Process - Rehabilitating our Common Heritage, which coordinates Task Force on Culture and Society of Regional Cooperation Council (RCC TFCS), with headquarters in Cetinje. Leader partner in implementation on behalf of Montenegro was Ministry of Culture.


•The research included: studying of literature, researching archival materials, technical recording and architectural analysis of the former French Embassy Building. Archive material was researched in Montenegro and France.

•In France: Center of diplomatic archives Courneuve (Centre des Archives diplomatiques dela Courneuve) and French Institute of Architecture (L’Institut français d’architecture - IFA)

•In Montenegro: State Archive of Montenegro in Cetinje


Architectural research of former French Embassy Building
•Brochure “The former French Embassy Building”
•Publication “Architectural Research of the former French Embassy Building in Cetinje”
•Exhibition in Cetinje. Opening of the exhibition is realized in cooperation with the Petrovic Njegos Foundation and the National Library of Montenegro “Djurdje Crnojevic”.



Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

Regional Cooperation Council Task Force on Culture and Society (RCC TFCS)

Role of Expeditio Partner
Duration and period 2013 - 2014)

EU (grant intended for Sustainable Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage)


EUR 11,500.00

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