MarseillesWithin the project "Heritage – development initiator", which is being implemented through the IPA cross-border cooperation between Montenegro and Croatia, funded by the Delegation of the EU, a study trip to Provence (southern France) will be organized in the period from September 10th until 15th this year.

Functional leader of the project, whose implementation started in March this year, is the Municipality of Tivat, while Croatian leader is Institute for Spatial Planning Physical of Dubrovnik- Neretva County. In Montenegro, the project partners are " Expeditio ", Centre for Sustainable Spatial Development from Kotor and Cultural- homeland Association "Napredak" Gornja Lastva.

Pilot area of the project, whose main goal is adequate treatment and valorisation of natural and cultural heritage, is the area of Kotor and the wider Dubrovnik area , where are situated two of UNESCO World natural and cultural Heritage sites - Kotor and Dubrovnik. We often behave irresponsibly toward inherited values, and also, do not use sufficiently the possibility of their economic evaluation for the purpose of sustainable development. Through this project , that will last a total of 23 months , is aimed at drawing attention to the professional and the general public on this very important resource from which we can create values that will be used in long-term development of the area in which we live.

For the study tour, where the project participants will get familiar with best practices in the treatment and evaluation of heritage, was selected Provence, as the natural and cultural climate very similar to our own.

This will be an opportunity to see how to protect and manage natural resources, such as the national park at the estuary of the Rhone near Marseille , where participants will get to know a computer program Life +, which serves to an easier and better management of these areas. Visits to Marseille city authorities will be organized, and representatives of Institution for coastal zone management, which is counterpart to our Coastal Zone, will host them.

This will be followed by examples of quality management of architectural heritage. Provence will be a good example how to valorize intangible heritage, as they use the fact that the beauty of the area inspired some of the most famous painters in history, such as Sezan, Picasso and Van Gogh. They will see the Sezan  path , Picasso Castle and the exhibition of Van Gogh.

The last segment of the study visit relates to perhaps the most important goal of the project "Heritage – development initiator" and that's how natural and cultural heritage to provide development opportunities, using, and without compromising their value. In this sense , in Provence tour is planned visit to village Limans, which has won the French prize for organic agricultural cooperative. Participants will travel to meet with the founder of the cosmetics line Occitane, which is one of the world's most famous French brands, and is based on the use of Mediterranean plants as a basic ingredient of total output.

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