glastva-ucesnici-aWorkshop on assessment of the landscape, part of the project: "Heritage - Driver for Development," which is being implemented within Cross-border Cooperation Program between the Croatia and Montenegrin under component II of the Instrument for Pre-accession assistance from the EU; was held in period of Jun 26th till 29th  in Gornja Lastva . The workshop was organized by the Municipality of Tivat, as the lead partner of the project , along with Expeditio from Kotor and Napredak Gornja Lastva .

Thirty participants, representatives of partners and collaborators in the project, whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the quality of cooperation between the two countries institutions dealing with natural and cultural heritage, as well as several professionals interested in the topic, over four days in Gornja Lastva had the opportunity to learn from authorities on issues of landscape, its assessment, conservation and valorization.

Croatian consultant for issues of landscape, which the European Convention on landscape recognized as the broadest and most comprehensive category of cultural heritage which "protection, management and planning of are right and obligation of every individual"; Biserka Dumbović Bilušić , presented to the participants the methodology used for the last ten years in England, which tells how the landscapes are observed, recognized, evaluated, and how they can be protected. Bilušić trained the participants not to look at the landscape just like the professionals involved in it, but as ordinary citizens who are involved in the space. She explained that the landscape is not just a visual category, it implies historical, architectural, natural, social component as well.

Katri Lisicin, a Swedish architect, who through her many years of work specialized in issues of cultural landscape, is also UNESCO consultant engaged in the preparation of management plan for the protected region of ​​Kotor . Presenting numerous examples from his practice around the world, she talked o students about different ways to estimate the landscape, in order to explain how to establish a connection between the results of the analysis of its value and the planning and decision-making when it comes to space. She decided to introduce a method, Instrument for estimation of the environmental impact, and than she presented a new method for protecting the landscape, Analysis of the  impact on legacy, both natural and cultural.

A longtime friend of the Girnja Lastva, as she presented herself, Lorans Fevel , an architect with a doctorate on the protection and revitalization of rural heritage, decided to show a way of treating the landscape, saying about the changes that Paris suffered through urban planning in the 19th century. She presented the solutions that ten chosen architectural teams submitted as part of the Grand Paris, when Nicholas Sarkozy urged to offer a vision of urban development of Paris as a metropolis with over 12 million inhabitants. She talked about the valuable experience that her students have gained in the field, developing through six generations the way how could Gornja Lastva revitalize as functional settlement.

Participants could hear several important lectures on treatment and planning of landscape from each other over four days.

Marija Nikolic, of the Regional  Cultural Homeland Association Gornja Lastva spoke about the village then and now, from the time when it counted nearly a thousand residents and functioned according to the principles which today are called sustainable development, to this day, when most of the roof collapsed, and the village has only one permanent resident. She emphasized, however, that the village live through events like this, but also a rich cultural program during the summer months.

Team of the Institute for Spacial Planning of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, presented a protected area of Dubrovnik and the environment, as well as the situation with the planning of the golf course on Srđ hill above Dubrovnik, which is professionally assessed as extremely dangerous for the natural and cultural heritage of the wider area, especially the UNESCO Dubrovnik region.

Collaborator on the project "Heritage - Driver for Development" is the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro. With all the praise to participants who work on a project like this in Montenegro, landscape architect Vuk Markovic presented a Handbook on how to develop a plan of landscapes, which is still in preparation, but its adoption is expected soon. This document aims to be a support to all professionals who deal with issues of landscape and environmental planning.

In addition to working walks around the village, the third day of the workshop the participants made ​​a trip to the top of Saint Vid, to visit the church from the ninth century, but also observe space Tivat side of the Vrmac, which is a pilot area of the project: "Heritage - Driver for Development," from the Montenegrin side .

Antonella Stjepčević , PROJECT PR

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.



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